Channel 4 is the local cable station for the City of Palos Heights. All programming originates from City Hall in the PHTV control room. The mission of Channel 4 is to keep residents informed, promote the businesses, and highlight events held in our city. Following are just a few of the programs offered:

Bulletin Board

A power point presentation that gives details about various events and activities that are happening in the city and surrounding areas. This runs periodically throughout the day.

Palos Heights City News

This anchored news format informs residents of upcoming city events, special concerts or festivals. Citizens are informed about: Safety issues and alerts being enforced by the Police Department; Public Works information such as road conditions, water main breaks, chipper service and watering restrictions; Building Department reminders, codes and updates; and Recreation Department programs, classes, special outings and pool information.

Meet the Merchant

This is a wonderful opportunity for business owners to gain recognition and to reacquaint shoppers with our city. A Channel 4 crew member interviews the owner of a business and highlights the merchandise, products, or services that are offered there.

There are many other excellent programs that run on Channel 4. Make it a part of your daily TV watching routine and become an informed citizen. Also, feel free to contact us for suggestions, comments or questions. 

Ron is also willing to give you a tour around the studio and give you a sneak peek to the inner workings of Channel 4 - just give us a call and let us know when you'd like to come!

Attention AT&T Cable Customers

To access Palos Heights Channel 4 using the remote:

  1. Press the AT&T button at the top of the remote.
  2. Press 99 on the remote.
  3. Press the OK button and wait for the screen to show "loading" - at this point a list of towns will appear.
  4. Press the up/down button under the OK button to navigate to Palos Heights and press the OK button again. 
  5. A small insert screen will appear. For a full screen, press the OK button again.

Meet the Merchant Information

The goal of this presentation is to feature and promote a local business, service, or restaurants. There is no charge for this promotion of your business. At your invitation, we come to your business with a camera and an interviewer so that our viewers can see what you have to offer and to find out some particulars about your store such as location, hours of operation, and any specials that you may want to promote. This interview is then shown on Channel 4 for several days.

You can purchase a copy of any program shown on Channel 4 by calling 708-480-3013. DVD's are $15 each. But don't forget to first check our YouTube page to see if the show you want is already recorded online!