Building Department and Code Compliance

The purpose and function of the Building Department and Code Compliance is to ensure public safety, health and welfare during building construction and renovation, to secure the safety of life and property from hazards incidental to the design, erection, repair and occupancy of buildings through proper inspection practices, and to preserve the appearance and property value of existing housing through efficient code compliance, while providing the highest level of customer service attainable. We believe the residents of Palos Heights, builders, and contractors alike are entitled to professional, efficient and accurate guidance from trained professionals in the areas of construction and maintenance of any and all property within the City of Palos Heights. The Building Department and Code Compliance serve a vital role in the community and want to provide that service to you in the most expeditious and courteous manner possible. We are committed to provide the highest level of professional, ethical and customer- oriented services to our residents and fellow professionals.


Permits and plans may be submitted at the Building Department, placed in the drop box by the entrance to the Building Department, mailed with "Attn: Building Department" or sent in email to: All construction documents are also required to be submitted digitally. Contractor registrations must be completed in person 7:30 am-3:00 pm M-F or mailed in. No emails will be accepted.


Cash, check or credit payments for permits (credit under $500.00 only) will be accepted at the Building Department at the time of pick-up. Permits must be picked up in person and cannot be emailed.

Contractor registration may be paid by cash, check or credit. Payment is due at the time of registration. No online payments will be accepted.

Inspection Notice

Please be advised that all inspectors of the City of Palos Heights will have City identification, and City Inspectors will not show up unannounced to any residential property unless for Code Enforcement concerns/complaints. The Code compliance officer will not ask to enter your home.

Do not allow unscheduled unidentified individuals into your home unless you are sure they are prescheduled City employees. If you are suspicious of anyone trying to gain entrance, call the police.