Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department reviews zoning, subdivision and annexation applications to ensure that proposed uses and projects are consistent with current policies and practices. These policies and practices are set forth in plans, ordinances, resolutions and other documents approved by the City Council, and updated from time to time. Together, these documents serve to guide and implement the future of the City as envisioned by the City Council and the community as a whole.

Plans and Documents

Key documents that serve to guide the future of the City and the community as a whole include the Comprehensive Plan, Sub-Area Plans, Lake Katherine Development Pan, and are located in Plans and Documents.


The Zoning Map, Codes and Ordinances controlling the use and development of properties within the City are located in Zoning.

Planned Unit Developments

The Ordinance controlling planned unit developments and planned residential developments is located in Planned Unit Development Process.