Burglary Awareness Tips

Residential and Vehicle Burglary Awareness

Palos Heights Police wish to remind all residents to remain vigilant in protecting their homes, vehicles, and property.  Residents are encouraged to call police and report suspicious people and activity in their area. Burglaries are often times crimes of opportunity and taking simple, common sense steps can make all the difference in securing your belongings.

Burglaries can and do happen at all times of day. It is common for residential burglaries to occur in the morning and daytime hours, sometimes occurring while residents are only gone for short periods of time. Vehicle burglaries often take place in the nighttime/overnight hours and burglars are more apt to target unlocked vehicles where entry can easily be made. In some cases, cars themselves are stolen when thieves find keys or electronic fobs left inside of the vehicle.

Simple steps and attention to home/vehicle security can help to prevent these crimes and preserve your property.

Tips for Protecting Property

The Palos Heights Police offer some of the following tips for protecting property:

  • Don’t leave valuables or purses in vehicles when unoccupied
  • Get to know neighbors and work together to keep the neighborhood safe
  • Lock car doors and never leave keys or fobs in the car.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings when leaving your home or vehicle. Report suspicious activity and gather as much information as safely possible about suspicious people and vehicles.
  • Place valuables, such as cash and jewelry, out of sight and in secure locations
  • Secure all residence and vehicle doors and windows when not home or when parked, including in warm weather or when only leaving for a short time.
  • Use security systems and/or cameras

Take steps to make your home look occupied

  • During winter, clear snow from sidewalks and driveways
  • Pick up newspapers and mail
  • Put lights on or use smart apps and timers
  • Turn on televisions or radios for noise