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Posted on: November 19, 2019

Coyote Information

Coyotes in Cook County 2019

The Forest Preserve District of Cook County offers helpful information on their website. 

Coyotes inhabit virtually every available territory in Cook County, so most of us have a coyote neighbor—even if we haven’t seen it yet. Learn more about how we can live with and appreciate this wild creature in Cook County. 

What should I do if I see a coyote? What if a coyote is following me?

If you see one, whether in a natural area or trotting down your street, remember that this is a wild expression of our local ecosystem. As coyotes spend 25 to 30 percent of their day hunting or traveling, it is most likely looking for food or moving from one area to another.

Occasionally, a coyote may appear to “check you out.” Coyotes have some natural curiosity, but unless they have been habituated to humans, they will want to keep a good distance. If one does begin to approach closer than you want it to, don’t run. Instead, yell, put your arms above your head to look large, throw objects in its direction or wave a stick in the air. Again, most coyotes prefer to avoid conflict at all costs—conflicts and injuries are drains on energy that can threaten an animal’s survival—so this will send nearly all coyotes on their way.

During breeding and pup season (February to July) coyotes may become more territorial. In April, female coyotes find or dig dens to raise their pups. While coyotes prefer secluded sites, many urban coyotes have less choice and may inhabit dens in areas frequented by humans. After pups are born, the parents will keep careful watch to prevent predators from gaining access to the den site.

If you happen to come near the den site, a coyote may follow you to attempt to escort you out of the area. If a coyote continues to follow you, don’t run. Leave the area in a calm manner while doing your best to maintain eye contact and a confident posture. If coyotes encounter humans frequently around their den site they will often move the pups to a more secluded den, resolving the issue.

If a coyote does not move on and there is an immediate safety threat, call 911. You can report non-emergency encounters to 708-771-1180 or 708-771-1335.

Additional information also available at the Urban Coyote Research project at 

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