2023 Pool Rates-OPENING DAY JUNE 3RD

  PH Residents Standard Rate
Daily Admission $8 $15
Twilight (5p-7p) $6 $13
Palos Heights residents must provide proof of residency. Drivers license or Palos Heights Parks and Rec ID, Unincorporated areas fall in the standard rate category.
  Individual Sr. Citizen (60+) Family* (up to 4) Additional ** AM Lap Swim Only
Standard Rates $170 $155 $310 $30 $54
PH Resident Rates $115 $93 $205 $25 $37
An early bird discount for $15 will be taken off the total of the pool pass purchased until May 1, 2023.  Seniors will have an early bird discount of $20 until May 1, 2023.
Palos Heights resident must provide proof of residency if requested. Only immediate family members living full time in a household are eligible for the family pass. Summer guests, part time residents, etc. are not eligible for the family pass.
*A family consists of a max of 4 people living fulltime in the same home,.
**Additional family member are for family member beyond the 4 living fulltime in the same household.